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Welcome To Essential Solutions
 & The Relational Constellation Institute of CA

The Santa Barbara Center for Family Constellations

NEW Focus on Trauma:
Constellations & Trauma Training

Relational Constellation Programs & Trainings
The Constellation Institute of California offers Workshops, Consultation, Training Programs and Five Day International Constellation Intensives in Family, Systemic, and Organizational Constellations. We invite you to bring Soul Medicine to Ancestral Trauma.

FREE Constellation Day Events
Every 4 months we offer a free day of Relational Constellations at the Adult Education Centre, in Santa Barbara. Love and Belonging.pdf

Individual Sessions & Consulting
The Individual Sessions and Process Work of JoAnna Chartrand-Benz and Dyrian Benz-Chartrand. more...

Group Field
Group Field® is a systems-based approach offering essential solutions for teams and groups internationally through training programs  and professional retreats.

Embodied Psychotherapy Program at Esalen
A Certificate Program in Relational Somatic Psychology, at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California.

Teaching Events
Upcoming Presentations, Programs, Training opportunities, and special events.

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Available Products: Books, Articles, Videos, and Bert Hellinger Videos/DVD’s

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NEW 2012 
&  Trauma 
Specialty Training!
6 MONTH Commitment

Jan 7-8
Feb 4-5
Mar 3-4
Apr 14-15
May 26-27
June 23-24


Relational Somatic
Certificate Program
at Esalen

Jan 22-27
Mar 11-16
May 20-25
Aug 26-31
Oct 14-19
Dec 4-9

More Info
or www.esalen.org